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You can enjoy diverse tours to interesting spots in Busan and vicinity.

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On-line Tour Reservation

Afternoon Tour Program


Included: Admission fee, Coach Fare and an English-speaking guide

Date & Time Nov. 1 (Mon) / 13:00-17:30
Price KRW 60,000 (Min. 15 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 Beomeosa TempleAPEC HouseTiffany 21 넂 Hotel

Date & Time Nov. 2 (Tues) / 13:00-17:30
Price KRW 60,000 (Min. 15 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 Gukje MarketPIFF SquareAPEC HouseAquarium 넂 Hotel 넂 BEXCO
Date & Time Nov. 3 (Wed) / 13:00-17:30
Price KRW 50,000 (Min. 15 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 Beomeosa TempleGukje Market PIFF Square 넂 Hotel

Full Day Tour Program


Included: Admission fee, Coach Fare, Lunch, and an English-speaking guide

Date & Time Nov. 1 (Mon) / 09:30-17:30
Price KRW 80,000 (Min. 15 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 Gijang Ceramics Art Center (Making Pottery) 넂 Lunch 넂 Yonggungsa TempleAPEC House 넂 Hotel

Date & Time Nov. 2 (Tues) / 09:30-17:30
Price KRW 90,000 (Min. 15 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 UN Memorial CemeteryYongdusan Park (Busan Tower) 넂 Lunch 넂 Taejongdae Park 넂 Hotel 넂 BEXCO
Date & Time Nov. 3 (Wed) / 09:30-17:30
Price KRW 90,000 (Min. 15 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 Ju Cheon Culture Center 넂 Lunch 넂 AquariumAPEC House 넂 Hotel

Post Conference Tour Program

  Included: Admission fee, Coach Fare, Lunch, and an English-speaking guide
  PT. GyeongJu: Legendary Shilla Dynasty
Date & Time Nov. 4 (Thur) / 09:00-18:30
Price KRW 100,000 (Min. 30 persons)
Itinerary BEXCO 넂 GyeongJuCheonma-chong 넂 Lunch (Yosukgung) 넂 Bulguksa TempleSeokguram Grotto 넂 Hotel




APEC House (Nurimaru) was the site for the 2nd APEC summit in 2005. The three-story building is an attraction in itself with its modern architecture yet featuring Korean traditional pavilion.

  Beomeosa Temple is a Buddhist temple built over 1,300 years ago. The Temple contains numerous cultural artifacts and relics such as the Three-story Pagoda and the Main Hall of Daeungjeon.

Tiffany 21

Escape from the city and visit the refreshing blue ocean! You can catch the beauty of the mysterious Oryukdo Island and the scenic coastal area on a cruise ship sailing around on the open water.
  PIFF Square is the most famous place in Nampo-dong, heart of the Busan International Film Festival. It is a revitalized place with young people enjoying shopping and entertainments. Also, you can taste many street foods such as Ddeokbokki and Hoddeok where actress Choi Ji-woo visited.

The Busan Aquarium is an ultra high-tech submarine theme aquarium, located at the entrance to Haeundae Beach. You can experience the mysterious underwater world, composed of 35,000 sea creatures such as sharks, jellyfish, and sea turtles, right in front of your eyes.


Gukje Market (the filming location of the Japanese movie ‘The Dangerous Detective’) is the largest traditional market in Busan. It has over 1,400 shops with foods, clothings, and souvenirs.

  Gijang Ceramics Art Center is surrounded by the sea on one side and mountains on the other. The Ceramics Experience & Training Institute is on the 1st floor, and exhibition gallery is on the 2nd floor. You can experience the pottery making in the traditional Korean way.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is a temple frequented by tourists visiting Busan. It features picturesque scenery as it towers over the ocean. It was built in 1376 and became one of the three holy Buddhist shrines. It is known as a mysterious place where anybody can have their wishes granted through praying.


UN Memorial Cemetery

The UNMCK has become an important tour site as the unique UN cemetery in the world where tributes are paid to the fallen. Koreans believe in the sanctity of the UNMCK, its role as a landmark of Busan, where visitors pay tribute and acquire historic facts regarding the Korean War.

Yongdusan Park got its name since it looks like a dragon raising its head towards the sea. The Busan Tower has Sky Deck from which you can appreciate a panoramic view of the city.


Famous for its odd-shaped rocks and cliffs, Taejongdae Park offers a great sightseeing course along a 4.3-kilometer coastal road.


Ju Cheon Culture Center
Making Korean Patchwork

혻혻혻 “Do Korean Wrapping Cloth Patchwork by Yourself.”




The royal tomb of King Naemul is one of approximately 200 Shilla tombs scattered in Gyeongju City and is adjacent to the west of Gyerim Fortress.

Gyeongju was the capital of the Shilla Kingdom for a thousand years, and the valley where it is located has a great concentration of historical buildings, temples, tombs, and artifacts. After Shilla unified the peninsula in A. D. 676, the city became one of the world’s great cultural centers. The area is called a “museum without walls” because of the wealth of historical heritage.


Bulguksa Temple

According to Samguk Yusa, Bulguksa Temple was built in the 10th year (751) of the reign of King Gyeongdeok. King Gyeongdeok’s era, when Shilla stabilized after the unification of the Three Kingdoms and when cultural capabilities were high, was the golden period of Shilla culture.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation requests must be made in writing via e-mail to the Secretariat.
  2. Cancellation 7 days before your tour date: No penalty.
  3. Cancellation 6 days before your tour date or No-show: Penalty of 100% charge will be applied.

Important Notice

  1. The minimum number of required persons must be reached in order for each tour program to be able to operate.
  2. If the minimum number of persons is not reached, the program may be cancelled, substituted by another program after notice to participants, or proceed at an altered rate with the consent of all participants.