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Tours and sightseeing

Please visit the following websites.
- Busan City Tour site at http://www.citytourbusan.com/cityworld/eng/
- Visit Busan site at http://tour.busan.go.kr/eng
Haeundae-gu, Busan site at http://www.haeundae.go.kr/eng/index.html


Haeundae Beach
Haeundae Beach is the most famous beach in Korea. Surrounded by divine natural scenery,
it features world-class luxury hotels and restaurants. It is one of the few places where visitors can enjoy both the beach and a spa.


Dongbaek Island
The island is famous for its beautiful scenery surrounded by tall camellias and thick pine groves.
On a clear day, visitors can see the Japanese island of Daema (Tsushima). Nurimaru APEC House
(the 2nd APEC Summit venue) is located here, drawing inceasing tourists.


Busan Museum of Modern Art
The museum features state-of-the-art facilities, including eleven exhibition rooms and an outdoor
sculpture park to provide people with opportunities to meet the arts through various exhibitions.


Busan Aquarium
The Busan Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Korea with state-of-the-art facilities. Vistors can
enjoy watching 350 species of 45,000 fish including sharks, penguins, and other species of marine

Shopping & Eating

Shopping in Korea is an experience unlike any other! Busan offers all shoppers all they could ever
want from tourist souveniers to trendiest fashion items. The products in all price ranges are available,
and friendly shopkeepers welcome visitors from all over the world. Other cities with unique local products and flavors also add to the shopping pleasure in Korea.

There are several shopping stores with restaurants and food courts nearby BEXCO within a few minutes on foot like Shinsegae, Lotte, and Home plus.

※ For more information, visit the website http://etour.busan.go.kr/03_food/03_00/index.jsp


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